1.32 The End of a Generation

Things became chaos in a one parent household, but we pulled it together.


The twins are a handful, but Quentin takes care of himself. He does dishes and helps put the toddlers to bed.


I can tell Quentin’s still upset. His cousin visits fairly often. I’m not against him going over to his aunt’s house, but Ali and I haven’t talked much since I kicked him out.


I’m trying to be there for my kids. For Quentin especially.


And I’m never going to be unfriendly to Jarred or to Lacey. They aren’t the reason this is happening. He’s welcome at the house any time.


It was another quiet birthday for Quentin, partially out of time. I baked him a birthday cake, told him I loved him, and watched another year pass in front of my eyes.


He seemed happy at least. Probably just happy he’s got his own room again.

So many years have passed. We’ve come so far together. I’m not willing to give up on Ali, and I don’t want to keep any of my children from their father. All I’m focusing on right now is my children.


He’s grown up so fast, and now he’s going to do great things.


I can’t wait to see what happens next.

A/N: And this is the end of Gen 1! Starting next update, Quentin will be our main dude. I’m going to take a break from posting for about a week to organize what I’m going to do next. I may have a few story ideas I’ve kept on the back burner so I could focus on this and The Accidental Vampire, and we’ll see if I decide to give them some of the spotlight for a short while. I’ve also uploaded the Dabney family tree to this page, and the link for the Plumtree App version of it is here. Note that I’ve added all of the family’s future traits and aspirations, which may hint at future storylines.


1.31 A Little Bit of Comfort

The first thing I did was call Zoe.


What I really needed at this moment was a friend.


And I explained everything. I was so angry at this point.


She asked me how I was, and I honestly couldn’t answer. I was angry. I was sad. I was upset. I was tired. I was hungry. I had two toddlers inside who needed to be taken care of, and a son at school who, when he got home, I’d have to explain why his dad didn’t live here anymore.


Zoe told me she would stick around, help me take care of some stuff. She’d become an expert in this kid stuff recently too, and she had no problem helping me with the twins.


She hung around for a long time, chatting with me, helping me with diapers and food, and being her usual goofy self.


And then Quentin got home. I pulled him aside immediately. I didn’t know how to say it, so I just told him. His dad had done something bad, and he was going to live with Aunt Lacey for a while. Quentin asked when he was coming back, and I told him I didn’t know.


He got upset at that point. He demanded we go get him, and when I told him we couldn’t, he said he wanted to go live with Aunt Lacey then. He didn’t know what he was saying, but it still hurt.


I promised him I’d be there for him no matter what, and he would get to see his dad again. He seemed to calm down after that.

I made dinner, I bathed the twins, I put them to bed, and kissed Quentin goodnight.


I laid down in my empty bed and tried to sleep.

1.30 Caught

All my worst nightmares came true with one phone call.


The police called me down to the station at an ungodly hour. I called work on the way to let them know I wouldn’t be able to come in today. It was a hunch, but a good one.


They called me after they arrested Ali.

It was explained to me like this: Ali was seen outside the Blue Velvet nightclub accosting someone.




Which turned into a full on brawl.



A couple of patrons saw and called the police. Both men fled the scene.


And only one was caught.

It turns out they had a file on Ali. It turns out he’s some lieutenant in some big crime ring. That’s what he meant by “management”.


I mean, I knew it. Looking at him, I knew it all along. What else would he be doing those late nights? Why else would he be running around all night? What other reason did he have for getting into these fights?

I called his name. He stood.


He immediately tried to explain himself. Excuses started pouring out of his mouth.


I told him to shut it. To stop lying to me. To stop with the excuses and making me feel like a paranoid house wife just for questioning what he did for a job.


He shouted that it wasn’t what it looked like, that no one was giving him a fair chance. That I wasn’t.


I’d given him so many chances. I was paying his bail right now! The worst they could charge him for was assault, and the other guy wasn’t exactly pressing charges. But knowing that it might come back to the family.


I realized how bad things really were.

They released him.



We knew things weren’t going to get better.

When we got home, he tried to explain himself again. We’d both quieted down. We were both exhausted. He’d been out all night and been in a fight, and I was starving, tired, and upset.


He started to go to the bedroom, but I stopped him. I told him the truth. What I’d been festering on the ride over. What I’d been festering on for a while now.


I told him he had to leave.


He didn’t say anything. He went and grabbed some things, and walked out the door.

Intermission: The New House

A/N: I rebuilt the house one more time as Alice prepared for Quentin to grow up to teen.



Alice got her own little garden, the twins will probably keep sharing space, and Alice finally has a place for her collectibles. I’ve never really been an architect in the Sims, and I’m super impressed by what I’ve seen in other legacies I’ve been following. The Sim community is incredibly creative, and it makes me a little nervous, I won’t lie.

The next few chapters may be the last we spend with Alice as our heir. The nature of “the diaries” was that we’d only see one perspective at a time, so once Quentin takes over, we probably won’t hear directly from Alice again. I’m a little sad to let her go, but I’m also really excited for what I have planned. I did cheat a little bit to ensure everything I wanted to happen did happen before I changed out protagonists, but I’m not really keeping points here, so I think I’ll get away with it.

See you for the conclusion of Alice’s arc!

1.29 Memories

Sometimes it seems like time is passing too quickly.


I see Quentin making friends, playing, accomplishing things.


My husband looks at him proudly, and despite our recent troubles, I feel so close to him.


The twins are growing up. Quentin does a good job looking after them.


Ali’s such a good dad to them. He was telling stories the other day and reading out of their toddler books.


I started documenting everything. I look at some of these pictures, and I’m so sad to think about how much time has passed, but happy too.


I think about when I started out with a tent and a grill and nothing else. Where I had to take the bus to the gym just to use a shower.


Our impromptu marriage, the surprise when we learned we were having Quentin, the work we put into building a real home.


I’ve come so far. We all have. Our family is growing up.


I don’t know if I’m ready for the next stage of our lives. I don’t know what’s waiting for us.


But I do know I love my kids, I love my husband, and I love the house we’ve built. I can trust in all of these things that the next stage of our lives will be great.

1.28 Another Birthday

Time is passing so quickly. Every time I see a sim age up, I’m struck with how much time is passed.


We went over to Lacey’s to wish her son a happy birthday.


Quentin was excited for him, though I could tell he was a little sad his best friend was going to go off to high school without him. He’s not that far behind, which I do not want to think about.


We celebrated, tossed some confetti, and congratulated him.


It’s so nice having everyone together.


I really do love our family.

1.27 Home Remedies

Poor Quentin is sick.


He’s been so uncomfortable for days. I swear he’s so hot steam was coming off of him.


He’s running a fever, he’s woozy, and I’m worried what kind of sickness it was. I let him take the day off school, and I decided on a few home remedies.


Some tea will hit the spot. I made a pot of Healthy Green.


I gave him the tea and sent him off for a nap.


Hopefully he’ll feel better by tomorrow.


1.26 The Terrible Two


Mira’s a little handful. She tosses her food sometimes. She’s so silly, she’ll do anything if she thinks it’s fun.


Lance is much quieter, but he loves people. He’s a little charmer. We agreed to do to raise them vegetarian like Ali and Lacey were.


They get on so well though! They’re two cute babies.


Quentin loves them too! He’s so excited to be a big brother!


They’re a two parent job though. It’s a lot of working in tandem. I think I’m happy with three kids. We’re a perfect family right now.


They’re so sweet when they’re sleeping.


It gives us a little time to ourselves.

1.25 No Longer Young


Everything’s been so crazy lately, we almost skipped my birthday!


I’m an adult now, with a husband, three beautiful kids, and a large group of friends. It actually feels nice to be old.


It feels nice to have all our friends over! As usual, Sergio was in a bad mood, but Zoe was happy for me, and Lacey was always first on the dance floor.


Honestly by the end I was so tuckered out that I passed out right on the couch. It was a good party.

1.24 Every Little Thing

I ended up staying up really late trying to put the toddlers to bed. Having two at once has been a handful. Quentin was an angel, never fussed, and there was exactly one of him. But since I was up so late, I met Ali as he came in from work.


I thought I was making a joke. He’s dressing like a mobster. But it set him off.


He told me to back off. He said he was doing the best he could, and now with twins, we needed the separate schedules more than ever. He makes this face at me.


I played it off like a joke. But I’m so annoyed. He doesn’t have to act this way.


We always come to an agreement at the end, but every time we talk lately, it feels like we’re sniping at each other.