2.22 Bowling Night

Summer called me today, telling me they opened a bowling place in Oasis Springs, and she invited me out.

I was hoping I could impress her with my bowling skills.

But the truth is I’m not that good.

Luckily Summer didn’t seem to mind. It’s kind of weird hanging out with her outside the context of family. It’s easier not to think of her as “Aunt Zoe’s daughter” and more as just Summer.

We’re both excited to be done with school. Summer’s still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life, whether she’ll move somewhere else, what career she’ll start. I’ve already been looking at what entertainment positions are open around town. I’ve been writing a handful of routines and jokes that I don’t know what to do with. Summer’s less clear on what she wants, but she knows what she loves. She’s such a bookworm and a huge nerd, but she’s also been looking into working with non-profits.

After a while we weren’t even playing. The lanes were pretty empty, and we just sat together on the benches, talking about anything. Summer’s favorite book series and how I’ve been uploading some stuff to Simtube to see if it hit. I don’t even remember all the stuff we talked about. Our families and our moms and our siblings and what we were into. Even when we talk about nothing, it feels real. We were never actually close. Mom and Zoe hung out a lot, but she never really brought her kids around. Still, it feels like we’ve known each other forever.

We probably could’ve kept talking for hours, but I noticed the bowling alley was getting crowded. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Neal, and I realized a bunch of my friends had rolled in. Summer noticed too, and she said she had to go. I walked to the door with her when they stopped me.

I think this officially counts as sneaking around. I don’t know why. Summer is my friend. But Brianna saw her leave and walked up to me with this look on her face.

She didn’t ask me to explain, but I could tell she was looking for one. All of our other friends vacated the area. I think they could tell something was brewing.

“Summer lives down the street,” I said. “We were meeting up.”

“It’s weird that you didn’t invite the rest of us,” she said.

Which, okay, yeah. But the thought of Summer clashing with my friends is too much.

“You said you hated Oasis Springs,” I reasoned.

Brianna didn’t buy it. “It’s just–I’m your girlfriend, right? It feels weird you hanging around with some other girl.”

“She’s not just some other girl,” I muttered, which may not have been the best move, but Brianna let me drop it.

We hung out on the lanes for a while. James is part of a bowling league, which is why they were all hanging out. We chilled on the sidelines and watched.

Brianna seemed pretty down. I could’ve been a better boyfriend, but after a while I started to lag. I don’t know if Rachel could tell how awkward it was, but I saw her passing glances to Brianna.

Jarred pulled me aside, thank Wright. I should’ve talked to him about this, but he’s always cool as a cucumber. He doesn’t have girl problems. After a while I told them I was tired and headed back to Willow Creek. There’s gotta be someone I can talk to about this.


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