How to Win at Sims 4

I’ve started on so many different ideas for a Sims 4 story, but I’ve been avoiding bringing myself more projects, especially ones a time consuming as this. But while setting up screenshots for the Accidental Vampire takes some of the magic out of actually playing the game, and I’m trying not to get too far ahead in this so I actually remember what I want to write about it, I need something that I can play sort of casually while also having a goal in mind. I became mildly obsessed with the achievements in Sims 4 after I noticed them, and I put together a full list of known achievements with the intention of getting every single one. While one of the achievements is playing ten households through ten generations, I decided to start with one and work my way up. Less pressure that way.

So through the next… however long it takes to do this (there’s an achievement for 100 generations, which makes me very nervous), we’ll be joining the Rainards in their new life in Willow Creek. Get ready for family, love, drama, and more, all readable at the blog here.



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