2.20 The Honeymoon (Part Five)

Our last day in Granite Falls was spent peacefully. Mira collected her bugs, Lance hung out around the cabin reading, mom and dad got in some more alone time, and I walked down to where Summer was staying. We sat by the lake and chilled. I kind of appreciate Granite Falls now. I’m still not a nature fan, but it’s really beautiful out here, and there’s so much to explore we didn’t even touch.

Zoe was more sad than I was to go back.

“It’s just so much drama back home,” she said. “Who’s dating who and who stole who’s look and all that stuff. I’m ready for high school to be over.”

“It’ll be soon,” I said. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot, ’cause of my mom.”

“Oh, yeah. Mom said you’re mom wants to build up the house. I think that’s kind of nice, you know? Having something for generations, leaving it for your kids. Mom’s life is kind of everywhere. It’s why I think she wanted to do this retreat.”

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do when we graduate?” I asked.

“There’s so much to do.” She had a dreamy look on her face. “I don’t know yet. Get out of Oasis Springs definitely.  I want to see the world.”

I was kind of disappointed to hear it. I’ve been thinking seriously on what it’d be like to be the adult in the house, to build up on it, to have my kids in that house, to watch them grow up in the same rooms I did. It’s something I’m starting to want.

“But hey,” Summer said, “we’ve still got a few months. You’re going with Brianna to the spring formal right?”

“Uh, yeah.” I felt guilty talking about it for some reason. Brianna’s my girlfriend. We’d been super excited about it up until now. “She already picked out a dress and everything.”

“That’s cool. No boys ever ask me out. I’m going with my friends.”

“It’ll be a big group of us,” I said. “I’ll see you there.”

We looked at each other, and I felt–I don’t know, bad. Like maybe I’d disappointed her somehow.

I’m trying not to think about it too hard. This trip was good, I think. Mom and dad look a lot happier, Mira’s got a bunch of new things in her collections, even Lance was smiling and stuff. I feel like I’m ready to be grown up.

And of course the second I got home, Brianna texted me. I’ve been putting off texting her back. I have to think about some things for a while.


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