2.18 The Honeymoon (Part Three)


Mom made flapjacks for us, mountain man style. Dad says the thing he missed most of all was mom’s cooking.


Lance and I enjoyed breakfast together. Mira wouldn’t wake if an earthquake rolled by. Mom and dad really wanted to go up to the national park, all excited to use the saunas and hang out in the trees. Personally I could’ve done without, but they want to do everything as a family.


Of course, the second we get up there, they disappear into the sauna together. Mira and Lance weren’t very interested, so we wandered around the forest together.


At first it was pretty nice on the trails. We were near the cabins, but Mira was hunting for bugs and frogs and kept running off.


We ended up wandering around for hours. Lance started complaining almost immediately. These two are the worst siblings.


Mira wouldn’t stop grabbing frogs.


And after a few hours we came to this weird break in the hedge. Mira and Lance ran straight up to it, spying through the entrance. I hesitated. Part of me was suspicious of weird passageways into the deepest part of the forest with my two kid siblings in tow. But Mira wouldn’t shut up about it, so I decided to look in.


A dark tunnel stretched in front of me, but I could see light at the end of it. The trees twisted together and the leaves were like a wall. I’m not a big nature person, but I’ve been outside, and I’ve never been in a part of the forest as dark as this. Mira and Lance followed behind me as I walked through, and then we stepped into the light.


I wasn’t expecting such a wide open area. Mira was instantly impressed, and Lance was just questioning where we were. I wasn’t sure. The falls came over on this side too, creating a pool of water, and a rainbow reflected off it. It didn’t feel like part of the forest.


Mira immediately ran after some butterflies, Lance following after her.


And then we saw someone walking towards the falls.


We decided to go say hello.


The old woman wore clothes that looked hand made, and she smelled earthy, like a mulch pile. She didn’t give us a name, just welcomed us to the woods. She barely spoke at all before wandering back to her house.


I assume it’s her house. I don’t know why else there would be a cabin in the middle of the woods. I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to live out in a national forest, but no one seemed to bother her about it. We walked around to the back, where she was gardening her plants.


Mom would probably love her garden. For once, Lance actually talked to another human being. He seemed excited to ask her about her garden and how she lived out here. She didn’t give many details, but we were strangers walking all over her home.


It was Mira who started complaining that she wanted to go back weirdly enough. We said goodbye to the lady and headed back through the tunnel, ending up where we’d left off. I don’t know if we’ll ever find that place again, but it was cool while it lasted.


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