2.16 The Honeymoon (Part One)

Special bonus week! I’m still not certain when Dabney Diaries will start back up on its regular schedule once again, but I did already have this honeymoon section written up. All week long, the Dabneys are on vacation!


Of course, since mom and dad didn’t get any kind of honeymoon, they drag all of us out to Granite Falls.


Mom couldn’t be happier. It’s like a return to the wild for her. Mira’s excited too, and me and Lance are stuck on the bored train.


At least they look like they’re enjoying themselves.

Weirdly, Aunt Zoe is staying nearby too.


You’d almost think they planned this. Apparently Zoe was worried about her kids spending too much time on their phones or something dumb like that, and she brought Trillian and Summer with her. It’s been like ten years since I’ve been to Aunt Zoe’s house, so the last time I saw her daughters, Trillian was a baby in a basket, and Summer was some snot nosed kid.


Now Trillian’s some snot nosed kid. Mira thinks she’s hilarious, but Lance kept telling me how annoying she was. Loudmouthed and a know it all. No wonder Mira loves her. And Summer…


I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl like Summer. I hang out with a lot of cool girls. Rachel is always posting stuff on her blog ten times funnier than anything I can come up with, and Brianna kills at all things cool, but, like Summer is just.


Smart. Like really smart. And not in the know it all way nerdy kids can get (looking at you, Mira). She was telling me about the history of Granite Falls which she only learned because she actually spent like three hours with a forest ranger learning about all the plants and rocks and how long everything had been there. There’s supposed to be some hidden spot up by the falls that’s like untouched by tourists. And she says all of this like it’s this brilliant new thing she just learned about, and she wants me to learn about it too.


She talks like an adult, almost. Like now I start to think about all the conversations I have with Brianna, and it’s about school stuff, or what we’re going to wear to the spring formal, or what dumb prank I pulled this week. Summer is already thinking about what she’s going to do next. She told me how she wanted to try painting and music, and she had a million ideas going on in her head.


I’m like the worst goof in the world and just tried to make her laugh the whole time, which admittedly I’m pretty good at. I’ve just never had such a real conversation before, except maybe with Jarred. And it was the first time we talked since we were probably six years old. It’s weird, right? Like instant connection.


I really hope I see more of her this week.


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